Fast On Water 2021

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It is with great sadness that Fast On Water has to announce
that Richard Dewhurst has passed away.

Richard was a formidable racer, who joined the Lancashire Power Boat Club in 1972.
He was British NF (T850) champion in 1974, 1976 and 1977
and won the Lady Brecknock Trophy, at Chasewater, in 1978.
The Fast On Water website was created in 2009 to fill the gap for an online portal dedicated to UK and International Circuit Powerboat Racing history. Following the set up of the website we were offered a number of items and archives from the Basildon Motor Boat Museum, which was due for closure.
In 2013 our trustees expanded to include 3 ex Formula One circuit powerboat racers and in 2018 we were granted charity status.

Mission Statement
‘To create, for the public good, a definitive collection of circuit powerboats, engines, memorabilia and archive and to display these in a dynamic and interactive museum setting that will inspire and educate.’

Charity number 1177837
Just a small selection from the archive

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